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Oktober 19 (evening) - 24 (evening)

The Cello Laboratory aimes to be a cultural adventure, meeting cultures from other parts of the world, communicating through music. Seeing contemporary music as the gate to artistic adventure and improvisation, we can open doors to the origin of the contemporary thoughts of Beethoven, Schumann and Ravel. We need to be very courageous to be true artists, daring to make choices from knowledge and experience, stepping into the unknown. On one hand the focus in this week will be on the craft of classical playing, including masterclasses and rehearsals with piano, on the other hand it will be about exploring music from today, asking us the question what music actually means in our world.

Our teachers during this course are the esteemed cellists Leonid Gorokhov and Jeroen den Herder

Duration: 5 days, we ask our participants to arrive in Zutphen on the 19th of October so that we can start early with everyone on the 20th.

Cost: € 400,- including lessons, masterclasses, correpetition, practice facilities, overnight stay and all meals.

November 27 (afternoon) - 29 (afternoon)
December 18 (afternoon) - 20 (afternoon)

In this course the participants can work intensively on a specific technical issue under the guidance of Jeroen den Herder. Rehearsals with a pianist are also included so the participants can build/finalize a piece from their repertoire which they then perform in a final concert in Dat Bolwerck.

Duration: 3 days
Cost: € 250,- including lessons and overnight stay. Excluding breakfast, lunch and dinner but we can use the kitchen to cook together.

- Bring in a Friend and get 20% discount
- Combine 'Cello Monastery' course with 'Cello Laboratory' for € 550,-
- Combine 2 'Cello Monastery' courses with 1 'Cello Laboratory' for € 700,-

Payment on IBAN-number NL93 INGB 0005208119


Jeroen den Herder

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