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About us

Some history
In 2001 Jeroen de Herder, together with Wim Laurensse as managing director, first organized the Zutphen Cello Festival, which has taken place every second year since then, and has grown into an international event with a reputation for artistic integrity, well-known for the quality of the participant musicians. This long series of successful cello festivals, managed by Harm Wesselink since 2013, has brought about a unique enthusiasm for music, and made Zutphen a real Cello City.

Against this background, it was only natural that the concept of a Cello Academy in Zutphen should arise, as an opportunity for students to spend some time of concentrated study under the guidance of highly qualified teachers and so to come closer to attaining their musical targets.

Our mission
Today’s musical practice sets high demands on the quality of the performer. There are however many ways towards attaining the required high artistic and technical level. We, at he Cello Academy Zutphen, feel that the student’s growth as a musician, in the widest sense of the word, should be the central purpose of our courses.
In the student’s growth as a complete musical artist we distinguish four elements which must be developed in a co-ordinated and balanced way:
  • openness for the emotive and imaginative aspects of performing
  • concentration and drive
  • love of the technical mastery of the instrument
  • motory and breathing techniques
  • For a balanced development of all these abilities, the Cello Academy aims at creating a fruitful and stimulating environment. Our teachers will advise you in choosing an effective individual programme for your course, and they will guide you towards achieving mastery of your technique in an alternating cycle of individual training sessions, group lessons, public performances and periods of rest.
Concentration is the result of a true sense of purpose and a critical awareness of detractions, such as social media, but also of the student’s own conscious attitude towards his way of studying.
As a result of this approach we feel that we can present the Zutphen Cello Academy as a unique centre for all-round cello studies.

About Jeroen Den Herder
Jeroen den Herder was born in Zutphen into a musical family. When he was only 5 he started cello lessons. After finishing the musical academies of Zwolle and Amsterdam in The Netherlands he completed his cello studies in London. A successful career of national and international concerts followed, but he felt a growing urge to combine performing with teaching. His teaching career started at the Utrecht Conservatory, and at present he is teaching the cello majors at the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Academies. As a guest professor he also teaches in Minsk and Liege. He has been invited to more than 30 countries for concerts and master classes and, apart from the standard repertoire, he often plays contemporary music as the permanent cellist in the Dutch Nieuw Ensemble. As a cellist in the Ruysdael Kwartet he has performed in all the major concert halls of The Netherlands, the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels, Wigmore Hall in London and Oji Hall in Tokyo.

Jeroen den Herder is a D’Addario artist.

The Foundation
The members of the governing board are:
  • Jan te Lindert - treasurer
  • Frits van Schagen - secretary
  • Vincent Peppelenbosch - member
  • Erica de Bruïne - member
  • Jeroen den Herder - artistic director

Jeroen den Herder

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