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Workshops about the power of IMAGINATION in music performances


Newly launched workshop by Margareth Harens, in cooperation with the teachers of the Cello Academie Zutphen about:

Storytelling with music, developin free improvisation

1. We connect with our own roots and your native language(s) when telling stories with music.

2. Poetry, the source of our inspiration.

3. Images from nature or emotions as concept for improvisation on the cello.

In this workshop we “work” in a free space, and express our personal style.

Keen to develop your free improvisation and storytelling though music? You can sign up now, mailadress see below.

I look forward to see you at the workshop!

Warm regards,

FullSizeRenderMargareth Harens
Trainer /coach personal devolopment
Artist / psychologe

Info: 0622235302
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