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What we offer

Weekly courses
  • Daily lessons preparing for a common goal at the end of the week
  • Lessons with piano accompaniment
  • Group lessons with other students
  • The final concert
Preparing for an audition
  • Can be arranged in the house by mutual agreement
  • Lessons as agreed during a fixed period
  • Lessons with piano
  • Test auditions
  • Collaboration with solo cellists or orchestras can be arranged
Preparing for a project or concert
  • Realisation of a concert or project by agreement
  • Various performin stages available in the town
  • Collaboration with schools
  • Collaboration with Cello Festival Zutphen
Didactic and methodical competences
  • Lessons during a course week, or by agreement
  • Lessons aimed at the transfer of competences
  • Supervised trainee teaching of a non-professional
  • Feed-back with musicschool teachers
  • Preparing for a mini-concert with amateur cellists

Jeroen den Herder

Oprichter Cello Academie Zutphen