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The Stichting (Foundation) Cello Academie Zutphen has a twofold ambition. First we aim to provide cello courses additional to conservatory teaching. Secondly we hope to offer attractive and accessible musical experiences to cello lovers.

The Academy is aware of its responsibility towards society at large, in which the function of music is increasingly prominent. We feel that there can hardly be enough musicians to provide for the demand for music. The ancient town of Zutphen provides an ideal background for enjoying both performing and listening to high-quality music.

The venue of the courses is Dat Bolwerck, a late-medieval townhouse located in the historical market of Zutphen. Our teachers are well-known cellists who also teach at the conservatories. Not only the technique of cello playing, but also its emotive and imaginative aspects will be given key attention to, when relevant with reference to other art forms.

We look forward to meeting you at Dat Bolwerck, whether you play the Cello or just enjoy listening to good music!

Jeroen den Herder

Oprichter Cello Academie Zutphen